Hometrica Consulting has provided products and services to a large variety of customers in different sectors. Below is the list of our customers.


TOPCON Corp. (Japan) Research & development
Products development
Technology consulting
Market and research surveying
[TC]² (USA) Re-sales
corpus.e AG (Germany) Market analysis
InSpeck Inc. (Canada) Market surveying
Artec Group Inc. (USA) Re-sales
Sirona Dental Systems GmbH (Germany) Technology consulting
Human Solutions of North America Inc. (USA) Market surveying
Breuckmann GmbH (Germany) Market surveying
E3DO LLC (USA) Products development
Technology consulting
TrueVision Systems Inc. (USA) Products development
Technology consulting
Imetric 3D GmbH (Switzerland) Technology consulting
innostarter AG (Switzerland) Technology consulting
Elinvision UAB (Lithuania) Technology consulting
ViSSee sagl (Switzerland) Technology consulting
Hexagon AB (Switzerland) Technology information
Polygon Technology GmbH (Germany) Market surveying
Markus Blüml IT (Germany) Market surveying
TSI Inc. (USA) Market surveying
STT Ingeniería y Sistemas S.L. (Spain) Market surveying
3D Ouest SARL (France) Business intermediary
Mody AI (Italy) Technology information


Cardiocentro Ticino (Switzerland) Feasibility study
Technology consulting
ZZMK University of Zurich (Switzerland) Business intermediary
Product recommendation
MEDLIBRE Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (Germany) Feasibility study
Market and research surveying
Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH (Germany) Feasibility study
Politecnico di Bari (Italy) Technology consulting
Centre Laser Dermatologique (France) Technology consulting
Medical University Innsbruck (Austria) Technology consulting
Lyon Science Transfer (France) Technology consulting
DIRAME ORTHO nv/sa (Belgium) Technology consulting
ICCAS (Germany) Technology consulting
Marcel Kürzi (Switzerland) Technology consulting
FER University of Zagreb (Croatia) Technology consulting
Center for Space Medicine Berlin (Germany) 3D scanner
Carestream Health Inc. (USA) 3D software
D.E.I.B. - Politecnico di Milano (Italy) Technology information
Ortopedia Gualerzi s.r.l. (Italy) Market surveying
FSB University of Zagreb (Croatia) Market surveying
fig. Corp. LLC (USA) Market surveying
ING corporation s.r.o. (Czech Rep.) Market surveying
KALLISTO (France) Market Surveying
SOSORT (International) Scientific review
D.I.M. Politecnico di Milano (Italy) Publication
IFM University of Bern (Switzerland) Publication
Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum GmbH (Germany) Technology information
University Medical Center St. Radboud (The Netherlands) Technology information
Thermage, Inc. (USA) Technology information
Janssen Research & Development (Belgium) Technology information
Studio medico pediatrico e allergolocigo (Switzerland) Web site management


Essilor Instruments (France) Technology consulting
Technology information
University of Verona (Italy) Technology consulting
AIST (Japan) 3D scanner
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA) Technology information
Universal Orlando (USA) Technology information
Soluciones Antropométricas S.L. (Spain) Market surveying


CHANEL - Manufactures de Mode (France) Technology consulting
Technology study/analysis/market overview
CAD MODELLING Ergonomics Srl (Italy) Technology consulting
Business development
Stylingcard AG (Switzerland) Project managing
Business development
Products evaluation
Market and research surveying
The Modern Mirror Inc. (Canada) Technology consulting
Feasibility study
TryOnline (The Netherlands) Technology consulting
Feasibility study
Paperdoll (Norway) Feasibility study
eTREND (Canada) Feasibility study
Contactum SA (Switzerland) Feasibility study
IFTH (France) Product recommendation
Vestechpro (Canada) Product recommendation
Livemile (UAE) Product recommendation
Motta Alfredo (Italy) Technology consulting
Atelier Pantheon (Italy) 3D scanner
EMPA (Switzerland) 3D scanner
Group INOVIP (France) Business intermediary
adidas-Salomon AG (Germany) Market surveying
FH Mainz (Germany) Market surveying
Sievin Jalkine Oy (Finland) Market surveying
PosFit Inc. (South Korea) Market surveying
Riga Technical University (Latvia) Market surveying
Technology information
Scientific review
Philadelphia University (USA) Scientific review
Goldsmiths, University of London (UK) Scientific review
BicViolex SA (Greece) Technology information
Benny Munitz (Israel) Technology information
Hayat (Turkey) Technology information
Salomon (France) Technology information
NEVENA (UK) Technology information


Promiles-Decathlon Production (France) Product recommendation
Extended survey
YouDome (Monte Carlo) Technology consulting
Product recommendation
beathletik (Monte Carlo) Technology consulting
Feasibility & technology study/analysis
SnoBoxPro (USA) Technology consulting
TNO (The Netherlands) Market surveying
FTN University of Novi Sad (Serbia) Technology information


Disney Research Zurich (Switzerland) Market analysis
Animazoo Europe SARL (France) Market surveying
Octree Corporation (USA) Market surveying
IEEE (International) Scientific review
CSE University of Washington (USA) Publication
Laboratory for Digital Art and Science (Croatia) Publication
XYZ RGB Inc. (Canada) Technology information


L.E.K. Consulting (USA) Technology consulting
StarClay (France) Technology consulting
Creative Space Lab (France) Technology consulting
Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB (Switzerland) Technology evaluation
Newbiquity Sagl (Switzerland) Feasibility study
Technology consulting
Hermos AG (Germany) Feasibility study
Product recommendation
Sanil BV (The Netherlands) Feasibility study
Emory University - Goizueta Business School (USA) Product recommendation
CCTrust Group AG (Switzerland) Feasibility study
Product recommendation
Flegbo Geneva (Switzerland) Feasibility study
Innovatiecentrum (Belgium) Market surveying
Loeb Enterprises LLC (USA) Market surveying
EVSC Co. Ltd. (South Korea) Market surveying
Strategic Analysis de Centroamerica (Guatemala) Market Surveying
Lincoln International AG (Germany) Market Surveying
i2S Group (France) Market Surveying
Develon s.r.l. (Italy) Technology information
Aduno SA (Switzerland) Technology information
Ticino - Promozione Economica (Switzerland) Conferences
Lugano - Promozione Economica (Switzerland) Conferences


D.I.I.A.R. Politecnico di Milano (Italy) Measurement services
Scientific review
ISPRS (International) Scientific review
SGPBF (Switzerland) National correspondent
Scientific review
IGP ETH Zurich (Switzerland) Teaching
Scientific committee membership
Sanoh Industrial Co. Ltd. (Japan) Technology consulting
Optical Engineering - SPIE (International) Scientific review
ASPRS (International) Scientific review
RSPSoc (International) Scientific review
ACIVS (International) Scientific review
Politecnico di Torino (Italy) Scientific review
COSCH (UK) Scientific review
The Photogrammetric Record (USA) Scientific review
University Innsbruck (Austria) Technology information
Jade University Oldenburg (Germany) Technology information
ARTEA Ingénierie (France) Business intermediary


Bruno Meier Rechtsanwalt (Switzerland) Technology consulting
QinetiQ (UK) Market surveying


KIS SAS (France) Feasibility study
Brainpark (Germany) Feasibility study
Product recommendation
Velda BV (The Netherlands) Product recommendation
Jantea Architekt (Germany) Market surveying
Marco Hahn (Germany) Technology consulting
Market surveying
Chair of Visual Design ETH (Switzerland) Technology consulting
E-Phidias (France) Technology consulting
FabLab - SUPSI (Switzerland) Technology information
Academy of Art and Design - FHNW (Switzerland) Technology information
Atelier Serge Beltramino (France) Technology information
Private Artist Gallery (Switzerland) Technology information


Imagina (MC) Technology Information
Business contacts
Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland) Technology information
Technorama (Switzerland) Technology information
Maverick Television (UK) Technology information
Radio Monte Carlo (Italy) Technology information
MR1-Kossuth Radio (Hungary) Technology information

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